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The Quality Improvement Program includes initiatives to ensure that members are receiving age-appropriate preventive health screenings and interventions to optimize health.

The information on this page provides useful information and tools for managing patient care based on industry-standard clinical practice guidelines.

    Preventive Depression Screening Program

    This program promotes collaboration, continuity and coordination between medical and behavioral health care.

    New: HEDIS Measurement Year 2023 Toolkit

    HEDIS® Measurement Year Adult Pocket Guide 2023

    HEDIS® Measurement Year Adult Pocket Guide 2023

    HEDIS® At-a-Glance STARS Measures

    Other Resources

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    Program Announcement

    Social determinants influence health in very direct ways. A patient’s housing, food, and safety needs can create barriers blocking quality care and can contribute to poor health.

    Controlling Blood Pressure Flyer

    OMW – Osteoporosis Management Flyer

    Use this tip sheet for best practices on how to talk to your patients about why they need to maintain adherence and how to track their medications.

    Examples of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Star measures which use statin therapy to evaluate health plans.

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    Important Information on CPT II and HCPCS Codes

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